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You zauvazhaet chief! you will surprise friends and will become an instructor for them!
You will decide cross-words better than Japaneses!!! you will do them! And does know why?
Because Japaneses did not yet read this my book and does not know my Rules and secrets!
Unique possibility to know appeared for you, how to decide the "undecided cross-words"!
Why unique?
At first, because I published the electronic, improved variant of book.
Secondly, you are in a position to get and read these books. To read and study sitting in houses in a comfort situation.
Thirdly, we will have no papers and pencils, as you get in Gift Program for a decision and drafting of cross-words.
Fourthly, you will learn not only to decide but also will get possibility to make cross-words.
Fifthly, you will get the set of cross-words (more than 300) for a decision. This set can it will be be filled up...
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